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SAP (Student Assistance Program)

In Pennsylvania, every school district is required to have a Student Assistance Program(SAP) for identifying and assisting students who experience barriers to learning.  The SAP team at Trinity Middle School consists of school staff and community agency liaisons specifically committed to helping students.  Anyone can refer a student to the Trinity Middle School SAP team.  Some students are referred by teachers or other school personnel.  A friend, family member, or the students themselves, can also make a referral to the SAP team.

A SAP referral would be appropriate for a student who is:

  • Experiencing a decline in academic performance
  • No longer spending time with friends or family
  • Being harassed or bullied                                                                                       
  • Not wanting to attend school
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed or stressed
  • Dealing with a breakup of a relationship
  • Experiencing major changes in life
  • Dealing with the illness or death of someone close
  • Experimenting with of using alcohol or other drugs

To make a SAP referral please click here.

Participation in the SAP program is voluntary and parent permission is required.If you have questions or feel that your child needs help, call Trinity Middle School at (724)-228-2112, and speak to one of the following team members:

  • Paul Kostelnik: Principal (5501)
  • Heather Watson: School Counselor (5510)
  • Emma Pellicano: School Counselor (5506)
  • Suzanna Miller: School Nurse (5505)
  • Raquel Cole: Emotional Support Teacher
  • Alex Smith: Emotional Support Teacher
  • Amber Muschick: 7th grade Math Teacher
  • Bill Woistman: 7th grade Social Studies
  • Julie Vankirk: 6th grade ReadingTeacher
  • Nicole Vorum: 6th grade Reading Teacher
  • Elise Schilling: 7th grade English Teacher
  • Seth Nicholson: Learning Support Teacher
  • John Walsh: Learning Support Teacher