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National Junior Honor Society

Trinity Middle School National Junior Honor Society

 Trinity Middle School was awarded a charter in 2001 to initiate for the first time a National Junior Honor Society.  This is a prestigious national society that rewards outstanding students.  This organization is open to students in seventh and eighth grade currently listed on the official enrollment at Trinity Middle School.  Membership in the National Junior Honor Society does not guarantee acceptance into the high school chapter of the National Honor Society.  The Trinity High School National Honor Society is a separate organization and operates under a separate set of by-laws.   Listed below are the requirements and by-laws for acceptance into the Trinity Middle School National Junior Honor Society.  These are posted as required by the national organization and have been approved by the Trinity Area School Board on April 30, 2001.  All areas of these requirements must be met and maintained throughout the student’s enrollment at Trinity Middle School.  Failure to maintain these requirements will result in dismissal from the organization.  Once a student has been dismissed from the National Junior Honor Society, they cannot apply for readmission by the national organization’s policy.  All national by-laws are available at the middle school.


Trinity Middle School By-laws and Requirements for the National Junior Honor Society (Board approved 4/30/01)

A committee of Trinity Middle School teachers will review all applications and vote on each member for acceptance.

The National Junior Honor society recognizes four areas where-by students have an opportunity to excel and demonstrate school leadership roles.  These four areas are: 




Community Service

The requirements in each area, for admission into the Trinity Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society will be as follows:



Any student applying for the Trinity Middle School National Junior Honor Society will be expected to have a cumulative grade point average of

3.6 or above.

Less than this does not qualify.



This category is related to setting a good example for peers by having no reported disciplinary infractions. Three recommendations signed by the student’s teachers and a clean discipline record must be in effect at the time of application and maintained throughout the student's academic career at Trinity Middle School.  This includes no Saturday detentions or out of school suspensions.



Leadership can be exhibited in two ways:

A.    Through participation in a school activity with a signature from the sponsor or coach.

B.    Through participation in an organizational group project with a signature from the sponsor or coach.


School / Community Service:

Participation in community or school activities, as a volunteer, is required and the sponsor/director must sign the application. 



Eligibility letters are mailed home at the end of the second nine-weeks grading period.  Completed applications, including letters of recommendation are submitted to the school counseling office for review by the faculty committee.  The National Junior Honor Society is traditionally held in March.